Video transcription

That is the great thing about mime is that they're actually real props that you can practice with and learn how it's done. So go up against a wall and actually push on it, you can rub like this but the real trick is to move one hand at a time. Try to get your hand to bend back as far as you can that of course gives you an illusion. Because you are really pushing against it as oppose to this, this doesn't look like it, this looks like it. A lot of mimes would put their face against it like that but that is how it's done and it really is moving one hand at a time. If you do it real fast nobody knows that's your trick but you're just moving one hand at a time. Now remember something that you can, if you keep your eye on it using that space and being able to work within that space, that is how you create the box. Now stay tuned because we are going to have the illusion, the weights coming right up in the segment.