Video transcription

Now I'll show you how to make this gauzy ghost. For gauzy ghost, we'll need some tinfoil, some white glue, water, a flat pan or plastic container to mix in, a piece of white gauzy fabric. You can use cheesecloth or anything that's like a little sheer. Use a cotton or natural fiber because it will soak up the glue better. If you use a synthetic, it's not going to soak up the glue well and you'll have difficulty shaping it. You'll also need something to dry the ghost on that, you won't ruin. I put down a piece of baking paper on a flat sheet pan. Okay, so let's get started. First, we're going to mix half and half glue with water. Actually I'm going to take the top off because we want to make. It doesn't want to, so we'll just squeeze in probably about a tablespoon of glue, and try to pour in about the same amount of water and mix that up. You just want to mix that up nice and evenly. Okay, it should look like a milky consistency. The next thing we're going to do is soak our cloth in our glue mixture. Just take your gauze or cloth that you have and you want to completely soak it in the glue mixture. Okay, and then you'll just set that aside for a minute.