Video transcription

SHANAY NORVELL: Jabs and punches are great because they immediately engage your upper body. It's going to be shoulders, chest, triceps and biceps. We're going to up the [INDISCERNIBLE] on that by adding in weights. I'm going to grab fives because this is going to be a cardiovascular workout as well as a strengthening workout. Let's go into a squat position so soften your knees, put your hips back, arms are up, you're going to go cross the body, front in a jab position. You don't want to stretch your arms to a hundred percent straight, just about 90%. So you going to keep that going, exhale as you push out, inhale as you come in. Pause, and then take a punch which is going to go across your body turning the knee right and left, exhale every time you go out. And now we're going to change it and hold and just jab to one side so the other arm is up as if you were blocking your face. About five more, 4-3-2 and 1. And let's take it to the other side 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 and 1. One final combination it'll be a punch and a jab, a punch and a jab two more, and one. Then the other side a jab, a punch, jab, punch, two more and one. Those are jabs and punch.