Video transcription

I like to do this next step standing over the bike so that it's a little bit more stable and I can look at things from my vantage point to make sure everything is adjusted right. So, I've adjusted the center ring of the bars to get it the way I want to, and now I'm just quickly finishing up torquing this to the appropriate specs. And, we're going in this star pattern to keep everything evenly and safely torqued down. There we go, I've got everything good. So now, the next step is going to be putting on my top cap bolt. And I need to loosen this bolt here before I do that, so that the preload bolt can do it's job and tighten every thing up. So, that's nice an loose. You can see because it's flopping around. And now I'm going to do my best to get this headset adjusted. There we go. Everything is bobbing. I'm good. Okay. And now I've got everything adjusted so that it moves at the same rate and I have no rocking back and forth. So, the next step is to torque up this stimble and we are good to get out there and do some riding.