Video transcription

Hello I am Kyle Brayer, and your next in-home abdominal workout will be the leg lift. The leg lift is performed on a mat. Kerri is going to lay down on her back, she is going to slide her hands palm-down under her glutes. This will be her starting position with her legs flat on the ground. She is going to try and immobilize her hips through her shoulders and keep this part still with her head flat against the mat. Kerri is going to flex her toes towards her shins, bring both feet off the ground about three inches and this will be her starting position. Then she will lift up and back down, up and back down, up and back down. And rest. This exercise really isolates the bottom row of the abs, so the lower abdominal region. The key here is no movement on the upper side of the torso, only from the hips down, she keeps her knees locked or with a very slight bend in them, and those toes flexed. So one more time Kerri. She starts three inches off the ground and then she comes up and back down, up and back down. When the abs are under tension, people have a tendency not to breathe, so Kerri is really going to focus on her breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth as she performs this exercise. And that is the leg lift.