Video transcription

Hi! I am Jason Wyatt head golf professional here at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club and I am here today to show lefties how to properly hold on to the golf club. The grip is probably the most important aspect of teaching in the game. The only way that you control the gold club is by holding on to it in your grip, if you are a lefty you are going to take your right hand, we are going to place it on the golf club so that our flab part or the chubby part of our hand sits on top, we then rotate our hand like this V that’s made between our finger and our thumb points to our back left shoulder. I am going to take and introduce in my left hand, it comes in now, where we have our lifeline and I am going to cover my thumb, we are going to rotate everything over as well and so now while I lift the golf club up in front of me, both these are made between my finger and my thumb are pointing to my back left ear. When we talk about grip, we talk a lot about grip pressure, when you are holding on to the golf club, I like everyone to hold it about a scale 1-10, one being soft, 10 being really hard at about 5 as well as where we put the pressure on the golf club is these three fingers in the hand. We do not want to use our left hand and grip onto it as a 10 or 5. This hand really just goes on for the ride, so remember next time you are out there, you check your grip and make sure it is properly put on the golf club.