Video transcription

Okay, the other way to attach your backing to your fly line is with a needle knot. For this you just need a big needle. It doesn't really matter what it's for, as long as the eye is big enough to get the backing through the eye of the needle. And this one's a little bit easier then using the nail-knot tool because you keep your wraps a lot tighter from the start. So what you're going to do is line up the eye of the needle and the end of the fly line like so. We're going to take our backing, line it up this way, and just lay them across each other. And we're going to do the same thing. We're going to wrap the backing back this way, over itself, and the fly line, then we're going to use the eye of the needle to pull it back through the loops that we just made. So, one loop, two wraps, three wraps,, and four wraps, okay, so now we're ready to stick it through the eye of the needle. And, we're through. The bigger the eye of the needle is, the easier it is obviously to thread it back through. This one's only a medium size so I'm at a little bit of a disadvantage. Okay, got it through, and just grab that needle, the other side, and just pull that through. Okay, this is a little bit easier because we don't have to worry about the wraps coming loose like we do with the nail-knot tool because we've already got our wraps pretty tight. Same thing, slide it down, it looks like that. Grab both ends of the backing, get it nice and tight, and wah-la, you're done.