Video transcription

My name is Laura and I'm here to talk to you about canaries. When handling your canary you need to be very careful. You need to come in and grab them around the back. Make sure you have a good hold because they can get away very easily. Canaries are very delicate so when you are holding them you need to be very careful that you don't squeeze them. Hold them with a light touch but give enough pressure so that they cannot escape because they will fly away. Very carefully open the door, set your canary inside. Canaries are very easily acclimated, as soon as they get in they're going to start making the cage their own. They will go from one piece of furniture to the other and make sure that it's theirs. Before you take your carary home I recommend you get his wings clipped. This enables them to still fly but they cannot take off very far. If your canary does get away this net is great for catching them. Once you get your canary in the net, place your hand over the net, wrap around it, and take your canary back to the cage. When you get the canary to the cage you simply open it up and push him throught the door.