Video transcription

Ok now that our filling is cooking our croutons are softening we are going to work on our pork loin, this a well turned pork loin. What you want to do you want to make your initial cut about quarter or half inch from the top, just nice and even be careful not to cut your hands. What we are going to do, is work our way, the way down here then back around and up and we should have a piece of pork that is thick and laid out flat. Now if you are new to doing this, just take your time, you can't take back a cut, you don't want to go through the flesh so you have a hole. Otherwise, your stuffing will leak out and it won't ruin the dish it's just not as appealing. So take your time, just look where you are going make sure to keep the thickness consistent. You just keep cutting and working it out. Be careful, and just work the knife all the way down.