Video transcription

Today we’ll be making traditional London Broil with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and asparagus wrapped in bacon. All right, so I’ve got my top round here and what I’m going to do is top round is a little chewy right out of the package. I’m going to take my handy dandy fork here, this is the fun part, let out some aggression, make sure my meat’s nice and flattened out, I’m going to take my fork and I’m just going to poke holes all the way through. You want to make sure you don’t stab yourself in the hand because that would be bad but we’re just going to poke a series of holes all the way through the other side. It doesn’t have to be pretty, there doesn’t have to be any sort of pattern to it, although if you want to and that’s your thing feel free. Make sure that you get the thick parts just as good as the thin parts, maybe even more so the thick parts just because that’s where you’re going to be the most worried about it being tougher, that’s why I’m really working the center of this thing a whole lot. And if by chance you live near a butcher shop, which are coming, becoming harder and harder to find these days, they will actually do this for you through a machine but since I went to the grocery store I have to do it myself. Take the other side, you do both sides too, that’s the important thing to note and then once you do one side the other side gets really easy to do. What this does, is this tenderizes the meat and it also helps your marinade work that much faster. Like I said, I’m really working the middle here and you can feel it on the parts where it is denser or tougher, there’s a lot more resistance to the tines of the fork going in. Like for example on this one, there’s a spot over here where it’s pretty tough. Don’t forget to work the edges. All right, looking good, get one more pass on this side just for posterity’s sake. All right, that’s how you tenderize this, put it in the container to make sure it gets all over it. Make sure you evenly coat the roast, place in the refrigerator, covered for twelve to twenty four hours.