Video transcription

I'm going to be showing you how to make gourmet French fries cooked in duck fat. Now it's been about ten or fifteen minutes our temperature is about three fifty five or so which isn't a bad thing cause it's going to drop when I put those fries in there. So what we are going to do is drop the fries down in the oil one at a time like we did once. (two at a time) What we are going to do is we want to keep them in the oil for about a minute and what will happen it will actually start to puff up a little bit. So while they are cooking you are going to want to make sure that they are not touching too much because if they are touching they are not cooking. One thing to be aware of is that when using duck fat when cooking French fries like this they will turn darker than normal. Cause duck fat isn't really clear like a lot of other oils you can use if used vegetable oil it (canola oil) it won't turn nearly dark. So we have about twenty more seconds to go on these before they are ready for action and what we are going to do is get our salt and pepper here ready to go. Cause once these come out of the oil and put them on this tray is right when they need to be seasoned because if you get them while they are hot, if you season them while they are hot while the oil is still on them, the seasoning sticks to the fries better and it will really kind of get in there. That is our timer already. So you will see that our fries is looking nice and tasty. Like I said don't be concerned about the dark appearance that is just the duck fat doing its thing. As we pull them all out you're going to move fairly quickly because like I said you want to season these things while they are still oily and hot. So here we are with our fries, I'll just do a little run over with my salt first and notice how I have them laid out evenly, that way we can evenly distribute the salt. Don't be afraid of over seasoning these just because a lot of this is going to fall off. I don't know about you but I put pepper on my French fries, there you go a little salt and pepper. That is everything right there for your fries and now we need is a little ketchup and we are good, so let us move on.