Video transcription

Next, we would be covering our cake with a sugar paste or a fondant. This is a ready made product that I bought. There are recipes for sugar paste and fondant you can look those up. But the ready made product is consistent and very easy to use. The one thing, I would show you the other things that we would be needing. Very important to have a clean flat work surface. So either a fresh new cutting board that you only use for doing fondant. I have one of these pie rolling out plastics that I use just for the fondant. Because it is very important for the fondant to stay clean. You can also use baking paper that is good. You can keep changing it for a clean surface. You might have a little bit of trouble if when you are rolling things out because it does shift and move. But it is a reasonable thing to use as a work surface if you don't have anything like a cutting board or a pie. A pie surface.