Video transcription

Now I'm going to make a banner to write a message on our cake. I've chosen another color here, and I'm going to roll it with a small rolling pin. You just want to... when you're rolling the fondant you want to take a little bit of powdered sugar and just kind of rub your surface with the powdered sugar. And then roll that, you can roll it out without it sticking. Now you want to turn it over, once in awhile, and check to make sure that it is not sticking while you're rolling it, because you want to be able to transfer this to the cake, and if it's stuck to your rolling surface, then you won't be able to transfer it. You can roll that out as long as you need it. And then I'm going to make sort of a banner with it. So I'm going to cut with my knife, a little V-shape like that. And I'm going to cut it straight like that. And you can also cut these edges straight so that you don't have... you'll see of a little bit more sharper edge instead of the rolled edge. And if you let that dry a little bit, then you can write a message right on that banner. So we'll set that aside to dry and you can just check to make sure that it's going to fit on your cake nicely.