Video transcription

Okay now our "The Gang's All Here" cake has a lot of people on it, and it's nice for any kind of a party where you have a group of people - and office party, a going away party, a welcome home party, a family party. And we're going to make a lot of little people. So you can start with... think about the people that you want to depict. I'm going to start with a head. And then think about hair color. You might want to choose a little bit of hair color. And the fondant is very easy to work with. It's very similar to working with a modeling clay. It's a little bit softer. You can just make a head and make a little bit of hair, and you can depict people with simple things, like the hair color and hair length. Maybe what they're wearing. Now to make a shirt, or the shirt of the body top, you want to take a piece of fondant probably about that big, and roll a little chunk like that. And then take a knife and just cut into it for an arm, and then cut into it for another arm. And then from there you can shape the arms a little bit like that. You don't have to be terribly detailed with this. And if it's too big you can cut it down. Just simple shapes to make simple bodies. And then you can gently put it together like that. Later on, we'll put hands when we join everyone on the cake. I'll make a little skirt for our little girl here. And again, you just... a chunk, and roll it a little. And then you can shape it by cutting off a bit on the side. The skirt will have a triangle. And just pinch it just like modeling clay and play dough. And put the pieces together, like that. You can add little details like this, like a belt or bows, or anything else. You can put polka dots on the skirt. And then we'll add some legs, just make a little bit more with the skin tone, and you can cut them to any size. Add them there. And then maybe some little shoes to go with it. So you want to make as many people as you want to depict, and then you just set them aside. Now I'm working on a piece of baking paper, and this is a good surface to work on because the fondant won't stick to it, and you'll be able to remove it easily when you're finished with it. That can sit and dry a little bit before we put it onto the cake.