Video transcription

We'll start by turning our cake out onto our serving platter. Now if you don't have a platter or a tray to put your cake on, you can make one with a double thickness of cardboard that's covered with tin foil. Okay, I have a cake box bottom that I'm going to turn mine on. Now I want my cake to be facing up because I want for the teddy bear, we want the roundedness of top of the take, so I want, I need first the turn the cake the out and then put it back onto our tray. Now I'm using a cutting board with a little piece of baking paper here so the cake doesn't stick to the board while I'm turning it and you can put the cutting board, just lay it right on top, and turn like this. Now if the cake does not come out, then you want to take a spatula and very gently go around the edge like this. Now what I do to, for like a no-fail, get-your-cake-out-without- ruining-it, I always put a piece of baking paper on the bottom before I bake my cake and then I grease all the sides and bottom of the cake. So you'll see the baking paper when we turn this out. Now we've loosened the sides and then just give it a shake until you feel it release and there's our cake, out nice and neat. Now this is the baking paper that I'd placed on the bottom of the pan and you see I've cut it exactly the size of the bottom of the pan and this is a no-fail way to get the cake out of the pan. Now when you have it out and you've removed your baking paper, then you simply put the tray or the platter like that and flip the cake right over. Remove this; now center your cake and we're ready to start.