Video transcription

Now you can tell you can see your chocolate is set up it's not going anywhere okay so we are ready to slice this. First what we will do is release the cake from the tin you can get your cake circles from any restaurant supplies store, or if you go to your local grocery store and you buy something and nicely ask if you can get a couple of __circles, they'll probably give them to you for free, there very inexpensive. So to release your cake use your boning knife you have your hot water, and your bang you always want your knife to be hot. What I'm going to do is slice along the bottom between the middle and the crust be very careful, your going to do a little at a time. Going to do a little at a time until you go all the way around see just like that, dip, wipe, slice, key words when your topping and working with the cheesecake dip, wipe, slice. So there we go and work the knife around the cake dip, wipe, slice okay you can pretty much feel when it's releasing. Now what I'm going to do I'm going to tilt the cake going to have me thumb nail underneath the cake and I'm going to tilt it. You'll see it's slowly coming off the tin okay, so as it comes off it's about half way down, let me release this a little more. Okay, okay, now I'm going to put the cake circle under slowly see how it comes off the pan now half way down, I'm going to do is lift the cake and pull the circle out gently, problem is with this particular pans they have the lip so the lip will hold some of the crust underneath, so you have to be very careful releasing this so you don't pull a big chunk of the crust out. Let's see if we can get this out without take half of the crust with us, very easily take your time, there we go, we don't loose to much did we.