Video transcription

In this segment, we want to show you how to adjust and lube your throttle cables. First thing you want to do is loosen your cables. You have your adjuster’s right here. You want to take your wrenches and loosen them, screws all the way back. Then you are going to want to loosen or take off your switch housing, open it up and take your cable lube. This lube is called Inox. There are different makers of different kinds of lube. You can find these at any after market shop or Harley Davidson dealership. You insert it into the cable end and squeeze a few drops in; front cable and idol and throttle cable. Then you re-attach your switch housing, and then what you’ll do is open up your throttle all the way. Adjust your throttle cable closest to the tank of the bike, and adjust that all the way out until the butterfly on your carburetor or your intake manifold is no longer straight up, is completely level. You’ve got your play established. You’ll want to take the bike off the lift, put on a kick stand, turn the handle bars way to the left, and then you’ll want to crank the throttle all the way open and let it go, and you’ll want to snap back just like that; makes a snap back sound. Then take your handle bars and turn all the way full to the right, and do the same thing and once down in the middle. If at any time that it doesn’t click all the way back, you will want to loosen your adjustment here, just take it in a little bit more until it does snap back. The most important thing is that the throttle and idle cable do return. If they don’t make the snap back return, your throttle can get stuck.