How to Adjust a Motorcycle Clutch Pack

Video transcription

What I want to demonstrate now is how to adjust your clutch cable and your clutch pack inside the primary case. This is very important to adjust, because when it does become out of adjustment, it will slip. As you are driving along, you will be increasing RPM’s and you won’t be going anywhere. So let’s start with loosening the cables. Pull the rubber grommet off the cable, and just like the throttle on idle cables, you want de-adjust first, turn them all the way in so that your cable is laxed. Then you come over to your derby cover, take the screws out that are holding your derby cover. You will either have an O ring or a flat gasket that mates between your cover and your primary itself. You will have to replace this. It is recommended that every time you take it off. This is your clutch pack. Here is your adjuster adjusting screw and lock nut. You undo the lock nut; its 11/6th nut, take a long ball Allen and back out the screw until it is really loose. Then you will take your screw and turn it in until you start to feel resistance. When you can feel gentle resistance, just gentle to the touch, you are at the end of play, you’ll turn it back one-half of a turn, hold it in position don’t let it get out of position, turn in your lock nut. While holding the ball allen in position, take your wrench 11/16th’s wrench and tighten it very tight. There is no true torques spec on this because you can’t get a torque wrench on it; just turn it in very tightly. Now your clutch pack itself has been adjusted.

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