Video transcription

In this clip, we will be installing the toilet bowl under the wax ring onto the sewer pipe. First we will carry it in carefully and center over the wax ring and line up the bolt with the holes in the bottom of the bowl. Put the little cap on there; it's got a little catch on it and you make sure that little lip is facing up. And you put that on there and that catches the decorative cap cover? Correct. We've got a little washer to put on there to help distribute the weight around that. Start by making them hand tight. So how tight you want to make these typically? Well you want to be very careful not to over tighten these because this is porcelain you are putting in. You could very easily crack it if your tile is unleveled. So just keep in mind on the little plastic receiver for the cap, try not to distort it. If you are distorting that, you are probably tightening it down too much. Let's do the other side. Make sure that we tighten them down together. So you want to tighten them up equally so that you don't have a leaning toilet? Correct. Tighten down that flange and crack that porcelain, then you are headed back to the store. So you want to kind of tighten down together. And if you do tighten down too much, you just tell them that it was broken when you opened the package? That's exactly what you do Jim. Going to certainly blame it on the next guy. So you you snapped on the white caps. Just missed it. Maybe it will pop off and we will do it again. Actually those are really simple. You just snap them right on.