Video transcription

Now what kind of color arrangement are you interested in having? Cause you have every color that you could possibly imaging, you can have colors that are pink and ruffled with a totally different center green to yellow which are absolutely spectacular. Then you can have this little tiny small flower that might come with 3 or 4 together now that looks very nice and indeed. Often times I will always try to do is put a neutral color in between them and it kind of blends them all together. Now I'm picking the heads off of these plants because like I told you before they are just going to last a day so tomorrow t hey all be gone. So if you want to mix and match your flowers what I often times do is I take the heads off of them and I put them together and see how they work with. Now if you think these are to small, or you decide this one might seat better by itself and you just put that away and find a different color. Like even this kind of a red here that might look nicely with them to so you can do your color schemes anyway that would work for you. If you like just the pale one's you might take a peach, find a yellow color and work them out cause everybody does have there one individual taste.