Video transcription

Okay I've already attached 3 or the 4 legs to the table, but I want to save this last one to show you what I showed you earlier in what I had for hardware, which was an insert. What I did was I did the first pilot hole with the smaller drill bit. But now what I want to do is I want to put in this insert which has threads on the outside, threads on the inside and this will allow for just a little more structure to the hole that way every time I take the legs off I'm not kind of destroying the wood, I'm creating a threaded hole for it. So again like I said, to put this in I've made my initial pilot hole and then I got a set up in the drill bit to a drill bit that's just a little wider than the piece itself in diameter. That'll accept the insert. Switch that out, alright holding my piece in place that should be big enough. What I do is I put this insert in. Alright, now we have all 4 our legs in place. Beautiful! The last step is we're going to sand it and decide what we're going to do with the finish.