Video transcription

Ok, so here we are with that broken down cleaned out. Both dowels are drilled them out, we worked our way up from the size small diameter, up to the big diameter. We are going to put the dowel back in the hole it came out of with a new fresh dowel. This is a store bought dowel it's a 3/ 8ths in diameter, really strong, made out of a hard wood and it will last for a long time in this chair. We are going to make sure we get all of our glue scrapped off here. It's a lot easier to do it with the dowel out of there virus putting it in and trying to work around it. The secret to replacing an old dowel is plenty of glue. A lot of people put a little bit of glue on the dowel stick it in, some people put a drop in the hole and shove it in there, what works best is to do both. And get something small in diameter that will fit in the hole fairly easily, to apply the glue and just work it around in the hole. Get the whole area surrounded by glue. When you know the pencil is all covered up in glue you know your there. Again with our wet rag, keep it clean we want to also apply glue to the dowel, just use your finger, you can use a little brush either one works well, back to our hammer, set the dowel. Right now we want to clean off the excess, cause we are not ready to put that back together yet. We are just trying to fix any old damage that is around the chair replace all these old broken dowels, once we do that we will be ready to reassemble the back.