Video transcription

After we've done this part and I've gone through and I've done all my joints, then I like to go and hit all my screw holes. Apply it kind of thick and then take your knife and clean it off. When this dries, it will shrink just a little bit, so you'll need to come back and hit it again to tomorrow when it's all dry. Once we've done everything, I'll show you a corner in just a minute here. Once everything has been done twice, I take a sandpaper on a pole and just lightly sand the area so that it leaves a nice smooth finish all the way across, and then we'll do our texturing. We have a special hopper that, you have a special type of drywall mud that you mix up, it's kind of runny, you put it in the hopper, you run it with an air gun, or an air tank, and it just spurts the stuff all over the wall. We'll be doing that tomorrow, probably.