Video transcription

In this clip, we're going to talk about removal of the vehicle's spare tire. What you're going to want to do--and it depends widely, on the make and model of the vehicle. On most trucks, which is what we happen to be working on right now, there will be a device, somewhat like this, located under the hood or behind the seat in a passenger compartment. And again on most trucks, there will be a slot right here. This is going to slide into it and actuate a cranking device that will lower your spare tire. In order to perform a five-wheel tire rotation, what you're going to do is rotate your spare into the system. You're going to rotate it in and replace your worst tire. Now, if your tire has been critically damaged or is just excessively worn, you're going to want to get rid of it and just keep your spare where it's at. For this case, we're going to rotate it into the system. This is pretty much just a crank handle. We're going to activate it in a counter-clockwise direction and you'll see our spare tire is lowering under the vehicle. And the spare tire on this one happens to be brand new. Once you have it lowered down to the ground, you can take and release the attaching cable, slide it out and put it into your rotation sequence. Now like I said, depending upon the make and model, it will vary widely where the tire is located. On most passenger cars, it is underneath the carpet in the trunk. If your vehicle is equipped with a donut spare tire, you're not going to want to rotate it into the rotation. That is for emergency purposes only and is only rated for 50 miles. You're going to have to check the actual tire to see if it is a donut or not. How you'll tell is that it will be very, very much smaller and thinner than the rest of your wheels. This is an example of a donut tire. As you can see, it's really, really small, and it also has written on both sides of it: For temporary use only. This kind of tire is not meant to be rotated into your five-wheel rotation. I have the truck tire down here, as you can see, the very massive size difference between the two of them. This one is meant to be rotated in in a five-wheel tire rotation.