Video transcription

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper way to remove and replace the EGR, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, on a 1997 Ford F150. In this step we're going to talk about removal of the brake booster vacuum hose in order to gain access to the EGR valve. As you can see, the brake booster hose plugs in to the brake booster here and runs down this way and right up to a bracket. This bracket is sandwiched between the EGR mounting nut and another nut that holds the bracket on. In order to service the valve, we got to get that guy out of the way. What I'm going to do is unplug the vacuum booster here and remove the nut and fold it out of the way. Your vacuum booster hose is going to wiggle out just like that. It has a grommet in the booster and ribs right here. There are no faceters for these. You just grab a hold of it, and be gentle, but you have to be firm and work it out of the hole. As you can see it's ribbed there. That's what generates your seal, and you heard a small "pssss" when I unplugged it. That is the vacuum from the engine. I have a ten millimeter deep well socket, a squivel socked, an extension and my 3/8 socket wrench here. I'm going to put it on the mounting nut and get the bracket out of the way. Once you have it finger tight you can go ahead and unscrew it by hand. Always when you're working on an engine, if it's possible, break the nuts loose and take them off by hand. That way you'll avoid the nut falling out of the socket and hiding in your engine. As you can see like that. Once you have the mounting nut off, slide the bracket off the stud and fold it out of the way in order to gain access to the mounting bolts on your EGR valve. That is the proper method for removing the brake booster hose from the booster and the mounting bracket from the EGR valve.