Video transcription

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper way to flush your cooling system. In this step we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for installing your flush kit flush T. I got my razor blade, my T in hose clamps. Your kit is going to come with several different sizes of flush T's just to fit the various makes and models of different vehicles. This is the three quarter one and this is three quarter hose. I'm going to take my razor knife, extend it about and inch and a half, and lock the blade. Going to take and cut away from my other hose so not to damage it. You may spill a marginal amount of coolant while doing this. Once we have it cut, take it and put our blade away. I'm going to slide my hose clamps on, one there and one there. Alright you can see the barb here, that's what grips the hose, we're going to go ahead insert it. The engine side. Then insert it into the body side of the inlet peter core line. Once we have it inserted you want to make sure it's straight up and down, like so. Then go ahead and tighten down your hose clamps. Alright, now tighten down the other hose clamp. Alright, I'm going to install the cap now. We will remove this later. I'm going to put it on now just to show you how it goes. It screws down just like any other cap. Just like so. That is the proper way to cut your heater hose and install your flushing T.