Video transcription

Hi, my name is Nathan McCullough on behalf of Expert Village. In these clips we're going to talk about some of the possible problems with your windshield washer system and some hints and tips to get better performance out of it. In this clip we're going to talk about reinstallation of your washer solvent reservoir. What we're going to want to light up first is this little nub here. This fits into an efface on the body, of the vehicle. I'm going to take and pull my fender out and work it into place. If you're working on a compact vehicle, it will be a tight fit. Take care not to damage any of the other components inside here. You will have some wiring for your headlights, fog lights or running lights, anything of that nature. Once you have your washer solvent reservoir installed in the body of the vehicle, you have your alignment nub lined up with its hole. It's okay to go ahead and begin starting your bolts. You probably won't be able to reach all the way into where you need to go. I recommend using a long extension. Just slip your bolt inside right there, pull your fender back a little bit, and aim for the hole. Right there and we're going to go ahead and start our bolt. You're going to want to start both bolts before you begin tightening any of them, just for alignment purposes of all the holes. Once you have your mounting bolts both started it is okay to begin your tightening procedure. These bolts don't have to be extremely tight; I say a quarter turn past snug. Right there we made contact and we'll give it a quarter turn. That is the proper way to remount your washer solvent reservoir.