Video transcription

Now we are going to spray the metal flake. You can see that Dan has applied the base coat the maroon color there that dark reddish brown. It has a nice blend edge to it, it covers just the repair area. He did not cover to much of the grill shell and it is ready to put the flake on. As always between steps you we wipe everything down with a tact rag. There is always a little over spray every time you shoot paint and he wants to get that over spray off so it does not make a mess with the next coat. He would mix a lot of air with it and he is going to mix very little material so he has good control over the material. He needs to get a coat or two on there. He is trying to blend the paint color that is all scuffed off now. So he is doing this from mostly for memory to try to reproduce that original color that we had going. So we have the base maroon on there and he is putting just gold flakes over the top of it. There is not pigment in the gold flake. This is a very time sensitive stage in the job. He is putting the metal flake on as fast as you can trying to keep a good eye on it because the base coat that has the metal flake in it is nice and shiny right now. If you look carefully it, is shiny as it comes out of the gun but it dries to duller finish. You can see what is going on better when it is shiny then when it dull. So he need to get the coats on as fast as he can without rushing it.