Video transcription

Now, Mark is taking the entire brake master cylinder assembly and sticking it in the car. With any luck, this kit has been very well-built. With any luck, everything is going to line right up, and he'll just be able to drive some bolts and be done with it. You can see--Mark, can you show them the shaft there? The shaft has an adjuster nut on it so that when we get the thing in the car later on, we can adjust the pedal height with that. The one wonderful thing about doing this to a GM is--you'll notice here, as the master cylinder goes in, it will be mounted at a pretty steep angle. GM uses one brake pedal for both manual and power applications. So that when we do a power upgrade like this one, the hole in the brake pedal, you don't need as much leverage for the power brakes. So it will line up correctly with the brake pedal hole. When we do this work to a Ford, we have to install a new brake pedal or drill a hole on the old one.