Video transcription

In this step I am going to demonstrate the proper service procedure for reassembling of your lower ball joint to your lower control arm. Alright what we are going to do is pry down on our lower control arm and line up our ball joint and let it slip into place. Once you have it in place you can take and start your ball joint nut right here. If you run into this problem as you can see my ball joint nut is free spinning so I can't tighten it down. What you can do is take your floor jack and set it underneath here and apply upwards pressure and that will take and hold that stud still for you and I will demonstrate that for you right here. As you can see that upwards pressure is holding the stud for us and you can go ahead and tighten down the ball joint. And there you go. Once you have it tight you can release the pressure of your floor jack just like so. And that is the proper procedure for reattaching your lower ball joint to your lower control arm.