Video transcription

In this step we're going to demonstrate the proper service procedure for removing the strut from the vehicle. Now what where we are, we're right here on the top. And we have three mounting bolts, one, two, and three that hold the strut to the body of the vehicle. Now we got a little plastic device here that is for our washer solvent sprayers, we're going to take our little pry bar and slip that guy off there. Just like so, exposing the mounting bolt. From here what we're going to do is just take our three eighths socket wrench and thirteen millimeter socket, and go ahead and undo the bearing plate mounting bolts. You're going to want to go ahead and put your bolts in your magnetic tray for later re-installation, replacements do not come with a set of coil springs. And for the last one. You're going to want to take and grab a hold of the strut through the fender well, while you're undoing the last bolt, just to make sure it doesn't fall out and damage any other components. Grab a hold of it right there. I'm going to take and put our last bolt in the tray. And go ahead and slip our strut out of position and out of the vehicle, just like so. And as you see we have a broken coil spring right here. They always break off at a point as the spring compresses up and down it actually twist. You can see it's busted right there, it's missing this whole part of the coil all the way around back here is actually just about ready to jump off of the strut seat itself. Now that is the proper service procedure for un-bolting the top of your strut and sliding it out of the pinch bolt hold on the vehicle.