Video transcription

In this step we are going to demonstrate the proper service procedure for separating your lower ball joint from your control arm. Now what we have here is a nut on the bottom of the ball joint. It happens to take a 1316 socket so slip that on there and go ahead and undo the nut. Once you have the retaining nut off of the ball joint stud you are going to take an insert what they call the pickle fork between the control arm and the spindle right there. You are going to take this pickle fork and apply the wedge to separate the mechanical weld between the ball joint and the control arm. Alright as you can see we have separated the control arm from the ball joint stud and the ball joint is actually part of the spindle. So I am going to take my pickle fork out of the way and I am going to jack up the rotor and slip the control arm off the bottom of the ball joint stud. There you go and as you can see we have our control arm free swinging. That is the proper procedure for disassembling your control arm from the lower ball joint.