Video transcription

In this video clip, I will be showing you how to check your engine coolant level. Your engine coolant reservoir is typically located around one of the edges of your engine. This one is located right here. On the top of it, it says engine coolant and it also says do not remove when hot. When your system is hot or when you have been driving around, the engine coolant heats up and expands and your system becomes pressurized so f you take this off when your engine is hot, it could spray hot engine coolant all over the place. Even when it is cold, you want to remove it slowly and once you remove it all the way, you want to take a look inside, maybe shake the reservoir a little bit and you should see engine coolant in there. Many models of cars will have a line on the side of the reservoir that says whether it is full or not; take a look at that line or with this particular car what you do is just top off the level of engine coolant.