How to Refill Transmission Fluid

Video transcription

In this step we're going to talk about the proper way to refill your transmission with trans fluid after the transmission service. The fill point for your transmission is located on the dip stick tube. It is in fact the tube itself. You're going to want a transmission funnel in order to fill it properly. Most of the time the dip stick tube is located down, so regular filter doesn't have the dept to reach it. This one here will do just fine, what you do is remove your dip stick tube, or your dip stick actually. You're going to wipe it off so it doesn't make a mess, and slip it into the tube and begin adding fluid to it. Before you fire the engine you're going to want to add between three to four quarts to give it something just in case or so you don't run it low. Take and pour the fluid in, what we'll do once we have our three to four quarts added, is take and fire the engine and run the transmission through it gears. When we run it through the gears, what that will do is ensure that all of the internally lubricated components of the transmission that are supposed to be filled are filled with fluid. We'll then shut the engine off, and check the level as specified, or leave it running and check the level as specified. You can find that either indicated in the owners manual or on your dip stick. Alright, and that's three quarts, just because it's a very small transmission pan on this particular vehicle. You should add between three to four before you fire the engine. What I'm going to do is step back, and fire the engine up, and with the wheels off the ground run it through all the gears individually. Take if from park, and put it all the way down into first, second, third, drive, and over drive if so equipped, and then reverse, let the engine run for a few minutes and put it in park. From there you will be continue filling it up until the transmission fluid has reached the appropriate level, and then you'll be all set. I'm going to step back and fire the engine now, and run it through the gears. Now that I've run the vehicle through all the gears, and check the fluid idling in park, you're going to take and adjust it to the appropriate level. Depending upon the specific make and model, it may take upwards between four to twelve quarts. Like I said depending on the specific model. Refer to your owners manual or local parts professional for assistance. I want you to take note of my transmission dip stick here, as you can see we have several marks one here and one here on this side, and one here and one here on this side. What this is is temperature calibrated for your fill level. This is the add mark at twenty degrees Celsius, this the full mark at twenty degrees Celsius. We're a little bit below twenty degrees Celsius, so we're going to be just a little bit below the full mark. As you can see we're right there. If your engine was hot, you're going to want to be between the at the low and the fill mark or the low and the add mark on this side. This is the low and this is the full. Depending upon the temperature of your transmission fluid, that will be where you want to line up. that is the proper way to fill and check your transmission fluid.

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