How to Make a Paper Pirate Hat

Video transcription

We're going to make party hats. AARGH and welcome to Pirate's Cove maties. We are going to make a very simple pirate hat out of a newspaper. You're going to want three sheets of newspaper, you can use two but three sheets gives you more sturdy hat, that's all two sided all the way, no half sheets. Lay it out in front of you sideways with your fold at the front and you're going to find the middle and then fold it down to the middle. Not quite centered up and down again leaving a little bit of space at the top so that it's even and then you're simply going to take the first three sheets, one, two, and three, and fold them up and crease it. Turn it over. Fold up the next three sheets and then fasten it. I put mine on my head and then stapled it right at the sides of my head so that it would stay on my head and fit. You can do that with your hat too. Now you have your base for your pirate hat. What I did with mine was to use black construction paper to cover the front of it but you could also use black tempera paint and I stuck it down in the hat band. And then I make a skull and cross bones and glued it on. If you're going to make a skull and cross bones, basically you're want to make kind of light bulb shape. You put the two circles for the eyes. You're going to have your teeth, come down again kind of to a point and have teeth and your nose. Make them black, make your bones. Cut them out, glue them on and viola, you have a pirate’s hat. Pretty simple, huh??

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