Video transcription

Now another side dish. Something new for a barbecue is a fruit kabob. If you don't want to do a fruit tray or a fruit bowl, then this is a great way. Watch our other videos to see how to cut the fruit in half. You just want to do it one inch chunks. After this, you just want to put them all on the skewer one at a time. It doesn't really matter how you do it. Keep things interesting. Right now we're going to start off with a grape, then go to cantaloupe, and then honeydew, then pineapple. Like I said, it doesn't really matter how you do this. You can't go wrong with a fruit kabob. Just try to make sure that the fruit that you have are in big enough chunks so when you put them through the skewer or when they pick them up, they don't just fall off. Now we're going to do another one together. This time when you do your kabobs you can do variation of how you're doing them, so that way they don't all look the same when you put them down. They can kind of fit together and not roll around. With these you just want to make sure you always have a piece of fruit on the end that'll hold it all in, and there you go. Fruit kabobs.