Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to clean your electric stove tops. Glass stove tops, obviously are the easiest thing to clean. You just spray them down and wipe them and they come with that little cleaner. In case you get something burned on them, they're so easy. Electric stove tops are not as easy that but they're not as hard as you would think. Usually people with electric stove tops don't clean them out often enough. And when you go to somebody's house, most of the time you spend is in their kitchen. And the biggest thing that draws your attention, is their stove or range, you know, and their large appliances. So if you keep them sparkly clean, it really gives your friends and your guests an impression that you take of your things. So it's really easy to do this. What you want to do is, pull each eye out. Which it'll be plugged in you know, just pull it away from the plug. And then take out this little metal catcher. Have a sink full of sudsy dish water. I used some everyday soap for this, you know dish soap. And just go on and drop the eye in the middle part down into the sudsy water. You want to do this for all four, let them soak, and while they are soaking, same. While they're soaking, you can clean the rest of the stove. A lot of them will lift up like a car hood, just like this one does. And you want to clean in there. This one's just wiping clean with just a wet sponge. You may need to use some sort of all purpose spray cleaner. But clean it out real good underneath. This will also keep that burning smell from coming every time you turn your stove on. It comes you know, that smell starts because there's things that need to be cleaned, it needs to be cleaned out. Once you close the top down, clean the top of it off, really good. You can scrub it, use an all purpose cleaner. And when you're done, use a glass cleaner to wipe it clean, you know, the very last step. That will give it a nice shine and it will look brand new. Replace your eyes and it'll catch your metal poles underneath. And it will be perfectly clean. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you clean an electric stove top.