20 Recipes to make you fall in love with tofu

Tofu is a the star in vegetarian and vegan diets. But there's no reason for it not to have a place on anyone's plate, regardless of their regime. Here are twenty recipes for you to experience tofu's amazing taste and texture.

Calzone filled with vegetables and tofu

You've probably tried out a couple of calzone in your time, but surely none made with vegetables and tofu. It's a different and delicious combination for those who want to try out this Asian delicacy. You can choose the vegetables you like best, since they all go well with tofu.

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Baked tofu with sesame oil and tomato sauce

Sometimes it's not even necessary to follow a complicated recipe, since tofu is very tasty in an of itself. A simple example is to bake tofu in a bit of sesame oil and tomato sauce. The result is delicious, and the preparation, incredibly simple.

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Tofu and pasta salad

If you have little time to cook and really want to try tofu, you can experiment by adding it to some pasta. You can add as many other ingredients as you want, as long as the pasta and the tofu are there, since they are the most important ingredients in this dish.

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Tofu and eggplant pate

Either as an appetizer or entrée, a pate made ​​with tofu and eggplant it is ideal to discover the astonishing flavour of tofu. Spread it on bread or eat it as it is ... you'll need need nothing else.

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Tofu and chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is a lot of people's favourite dessert. And though many think that nothing could improve it, the fact is that tofu adds a whole lot to it. The result: an amazing dessert.

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Tofu meatballs

If you don't like meat, or were never really into meatballs, maybe you'll love this alternative: just make them with tofu. It's a great and innovative take on a traditional recipe. It will also help you keep in shape, since it's a very healthy dish.

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Tofu sausages

Tofu sausages are a highly recommended alternative to regular ones. You can freeze and keep them available for whenever you can't decide on what to cook. You can also include them in salads, stews and sandwiches because they go well in almost all dishes. When you try, them, you just won't be able to stop.

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Tofu and zucchini croquettes

Another great option to enter the world of tofu is making these croquettes. They are a simple way to enjoy this fabulous ingredient, since it does not call for complicated sauces, as regular croquettes tend to. You can substitute zucchini for another ingredient if you prefer.

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Tofu and egg soup

Protein lovers should consider this recipe for their next meal. This soup includes lots of vegetables and tofu. It's perfect for dinner, as it takes almost no time to prepare and it's also very healthy.

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Tofu burgers

If you dislike meat, but you don't have to skip on the pleasure of grubbing on a juicy burger, this dish is for you. Replace the meat with the tofu and add any other ingredient you like. It's a very simple and very tasty recipe, so don't think twice about it: try it out.

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Tofu mayonnaise

Regular mayonnaise usually contains a lot of fat. So, to eliminate this drawback, you can choose to make mayonnaise with tofu. It is an excellent dressing that goes with any plate of vegetables, since it complements their taste perfectly.

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Tofu and vegetable brochettes

A fun way to eat tofu is to skewer them with some vegetables. This dish needs almost no preparation at all and it's been many people's first step into the world of tofu. Ideally, the skewers should be served along with some kind of sauce, to add a different flavour. You can spice them to taste.

Tofu omelette

Can you picture a tofu omelette? They are not only perfectly doable, they are also quite delicious. This is a great way to try out this ingredient, and the recipe is especially recommended for those with high cholesterol levels and people in need of a healthier diet in general.

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Tofu and olive pizza

This pizza has no reason to look up to the traditional variety. The combination of olives and tofu is enough to turn it into a real treat. It's very suitable for those who've not tried tofu yet. After having a slice of this, they won't be able to stop!

Tofu lasagne

This traditional Italian recipe works just as well if you add tofu to the regular ingredients. If you like trying out new recipes but haven't used tofu in any yet, this dish is for you. Since tofu goes with almost anything, you can try using different vegetables for the filling, like eggplants, tomatoes, or whatever else you feel like.

Cocoa and tofu cake

To make this delicious cocoa and tofu cake, you'll need low-fat milk, oat bran and some wheat bran, in addition to tofu and cocoa, obviously. It's the perfect dessert for anybody fighting cholesterol!

Tofu pies

If you want to surprise your friends with an innovative recipe, you can try these tofu pies. Chances are that none of them has ever had anything like it, despite them being a very tasty treat. You can include any vegetable you like in the filling.

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Tofu and spinach gnocchi

For this traditional Italian recipe, you'll just need to swap the flour for tofu, add boiled spinach to it, mix well and make 1.5 to 2.5 cm (1/2 to 1 inch) balls with the dough. It's a new take on a well known dish. Try them out, you'll be surprised by how good they are!

Tofu quiche

Nothing's better than a tofu quiche fresh out of the oven to spice up a grey afternoon. The good thing about this recipe is that it allows for many different fillings without compromising its taste. And it's very easy to prepare, which somehow makes it taste even better!

Tofu flan

Who said you can't have a dessert that is delicious and light at the same time? Tofu flan is the clearest example of this. This is a perfect sweet course to finish a meal, and it even makes for a great tea-time treat. We are sure you'll love it.

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