How to get more followers on Twitter

You have been using Twitter, one of the fastest growing social networks, for a while now. You can write 140 character “tweets” like a pro, “retweet,” “favourite” and send link love like it’s nobody’s business, but you are still a few steps away from gaining that ultra Twitter-follower stardom. Looking to find out how to actually get more followers on Twitter? No need to fret, we have answered your Twitter worries with these several easy tips on how to make a big Twitter difference, reach a larger audience and gain the following that your profound tweets deserve.

Say cheese!

Would you befriend a stranger who walks around with a ski mask over his head? Neither would we. Your Twitter profile photo says a lot about you -- you want to make yourself look like an actual real person is typing behind the screen (or an actual company). Choose a photograph that best represents you or your company. Remember, a small version of this photo will pop up on your followers’ feed each time you tweet, so make sure it’s something appropriate for those who follow you.

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Bios matter

Just like having a proper photograph is important, it’s also essential to add a short blurb about what your Twitter account is all about. How would you best describe yourself in under 140 characters? What is your profession? Do you have any hobbies? Any fun facts you’d like people to know about you? Add it to your mini biography, along with your current location. If you have a personal or company website, make sure to link that as well so potential followers can click and find out more about you.

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To tweet, or not to tweet

You want to get personal, but not too personal. Telling your followers what you are up to is standard Twitter protocol, but too much information about your bowel movements hardly ever falls under proper Twitter etiquette. DO tweet a photo of a fabulous meal you had at a restaurant by directing it “@” that restaurant, to tell them about your experience, but DON'T make your whole Twitter feed a personal food journal about what you eat every day. Remember, everyone likes one funny photo of your dog, but nobody likes 100.

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Tweeting frequency

Remember, nobody likes a compulsive Tweeter. If you haven’t Tweeted in a few weeks, but have a day off work, it’s still not okay to send out 10 Tweets in a row in under 10 seconds. Instead, follow the rule of thumb of less than 20 tweets per day, maintaining a healthy flow of minimal Tweeting in a short period of time. If you are a business and would like to automate your tweets, use a site like Hootsuite to schedule tweets in advance. Too much tweeting can be a huge turn off, and often worth of an “unfollow.”

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There is no such thing as a stupid tweet question

The people you follow can be your biggest asset. Asking questions and starting a dialogue with those in your industry can be quite powerful, especially those individuals or companies that already have a large Twitter following. Tweet something witty to your favourite comedian, ask a celebrity chef a question about a recipe, or tell a CEO how much you enjoy her product -- the more responses you get from prominent Twitter-allstars, the more exposure your Twitter handle will receive.

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Welcome to #hashtag city

Use #hashtags to get involved in the online Twitter community. You can find out what is trending online and also help start your own trend. This will expose you to potential new followers and others within the Twitter community who share a similar interest. Remember not to overdo the #hashtag, a little hashing can go a long way - you don't want to hashtag every single thought #becausethatsjustnotcool.

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Make each tweet count

Perhaps you want your followers to read your newest blog post? Or maybe you would like to promote your business? Twitter is a great medium to share what you’ve been up to, but there’s a thin line between harmless promotion and downright spamming. Make sure to share information that is beneficial to others, such as interesting facts you have learned, a stimulating article you have read, or a wonderful website that the world should know about – remember, these are the types of tweets that are “retweetable” and thus, widen your online presence.

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Choose your follows carefully

You don’t want to get in a situation where you are following over 1,000 tweeters, while you only have a mere 10 followers. Always aim to follow just as many people (or if possible, less), than follow you. Make sure to only follow those who have a real photo and appear to be active tweeters. Tip: often times those who follow a wide number of people, are more likely to reciprocate the follow back.

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