23rd-Birthday Gift Ideas

Written by gabriel brown | 13/05/2017
23rd-Birthday Gift Ideas
Early 20s are one of the easiest age groups to shop for. (George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

The hardest part of finding a birthday gift for someone is finding something they want or need and don't already have. When shopping for 23-year-olds this usually isn't that big a problem. Whether they are finishing college, still studying or working, these young adults need some basics to get moving as a successful adult.


23rd-Birthday Gift Ideas
A set of proper glassware can enhance many encounters. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Most young adults do not have complete kitchen sets of dishes, glasses or silver. Full sets for four can be found for around £13 to start. A nice set of speciality glasses can be a great gift as well. Whether it is wine glasses, beer steins, snifters or shot glasses, the proper glass will add maturity and class as well as function to any drink. A matching set of flatware will be good as well.

Small Appliances

Small kitchen or bathroom appliances are affordable gifts that also give the recipient the ability to do things that they couldn't before. A blender allows for the mixing of healthy smoothies or flavourful frozen drinks like margaritas. A coffee maker can save them money daily by allowing them to make their daily coffee at home. An electric razor allows for experimentation with new looks and styles of facial hair. An electric toothbrush might encourage them to keep their teeth brushed more often.


23rd-Birthday Gift Ideas
A good bottle of liquor can last a very long time. (Jupiterimages/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

A nice bottle of liquor can be a great gift. Something really nice and fairly expensive is a good choice. It is a great to have on hand a nice bottle of something special when a worthy event arises. An old bottle of wine or a good blend of scotch might be good. Even a sampler pack of unusual beers might expand their horizons beyond whatever they drank in college.


23rd-Birthday Gift Ideas
A wristwatch is a good-looking accessory as well as being practical. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

A great gift for a man or woman is a watch, but make it special. Most people already have wristwatches, but you can get one that has special functions such as a heart-rate monitor or a GPS. For a science or engineering student, get a prime numbers watch. Or you can get one featuring a cartoon character, such as a Roadrunner wristwatch. Most kids grew up with watches whose purpose was to tell the time while being durable, simple and easily replaceable. Get your 23-year-old a watch that is memorable, special and hard to replace.

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