Peter Pan Classroom Activities

Updated April 17, 2017

The classic tale of Peter Pan explores the world of fantasy and imagination. The popular story, also captured on film and written by James Matthew Barrie in 1904, has captivated audiences for decades. Take your students on a journey of exploration with Peter Pan and the gang through the world of Neverland. Adapt a lesson plan for K-12 students from math to physical education with Peter Pan classroom activities.

Walk the Plank Vocabulary

The menace of the story of Peter Pan is the pirate, Captain Hook. Gather your students and invite them to test their vocabulary knowledge aboard Hook's plank. You can create a plank out of cardboard or wood or alternatively use tape or other items to identify the tip of the plank. Using words from the book like "engrossed," "spinster" and "subtle," ask the students either how to spell or define terms. Every mistake means one step closer to the edge of the plank. After hitting the edge students are eliminated from the game until there is one player left.

Neverland Math

Create mystical math questions for your students to solve using the Peter Pan theme. For younger grades stick to simpler equations using addition and subtraction. For example, if Peter Pan has three wishes and he uses one, how many does he have left? For higher level students you can create tougher questions using multiplication, division and word problems. For example, if Captain Hook has a treasure chest with 100 pieces of gold and Peter Pan takes half but drops half while getting away, how much gold does Peter bring back to Wendy?

Hook's Treasure Hunt

Take your students on a hunt around the world to locate Hook's treasure. All you need is a map or globe of the world and a few stickers to mark the spot. You can perform this activity one of two ways. One requires you to mark the map prior to the game and have the children identify the city and/or country of each mark. You may also present the clean map or globe to the class and name cities or countries that the students must locate and mark on the map.

Peter Peter Pan

Keep your students active with physical activities based on Peter Pan. For younger students, play a variation of Duck, Duck, Goose entitled Peter, Peter, Pan. Seat the kids in a circle with one child, known as Captain Hook, walking around lightly tapping the heads of his peers exclaiming "Peter" until he lands on the one he wishes to race. He must exclaim "Pan" when tapping the head to initiate the race. The two students, Peter and Hook, must run around the circle. If Peter manages to tag Hook before he sits in Peters spot in the circle, the student playing Peter now plays Hook and gets to tap heads around the circle.

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