Fancy Dress Ideas for Teens

It can be difficult to come up with unique fancy dress ideas for teenagers. It's hard to find a costume that differs from those of your peers if you purchase it at a store, although this is often the easiest method. With a little extra time and effort though, you can come up with and put together your own costume idea, and you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd.


Outfits such as a rap star, injured person, zombie and pro athlete are fancy dress ideas for teenage boys. These costumes allow for a great deal of creativity and variation. For a rap star costume, a boy could wear sunglasses, a hat, white tennis shoes, chains around his neck and baggy clothing. An injured-person costume could be created from crutches, fake blood and bandages. For a zombie costume, a boy could paint his face white and put dark circles under his eyes, use gel to make his hair messy, wear torn up clothing and put fake blood on his arms and legs. A pro athlete costume could easily be made from wearing a specific player's jersey.


Costumes such as a movie star, bunny, Miss America or an 80s prom queen are fancy dress ideas for girls. There is no right or wrong way to put these costumes together, so they give teenage girls a chance to be creative. For a movie star costume, a girl could wear large sunglasses, flashy jewellery, a glitzy scarf and a shimmery dress. A bunny costume can be created by drawing whiskers on her face with black face paint, painting her nose pink with face paint, wearing white or grey shorts and a T-shirt and donning a headband with bunny ears. For a Miss America costume, a girl could wear a long gown (such as a prom dress), then create a sash from a piece of fabric and paint "Miss America" on it. For an 80s prom queen costume, a teenage girl could wear a brightly coloured gown, with fishnet stockings, big poufy curly hair and a sash created from a piece of fabric painted with "Prom Queen."


Some fancy dress ideas are suitable for either boys or girls. Ideas such as being a punk, a hipster or a member of the opposite sex can work for any teenager. In order to be a punk, they should dye their hair a crazy colour such as blue, green or pink, wear a plain black T-shirt layered with a military-style jacket on top, put safety pins all over their clothes and shoes and wear a lot of black eyeliner. To create a hipster outfit teenagers could wear tight jeans, a T-shirt advertising a band, a pageboy cap and wire-rimmed glasses. To be a member of the opposite sex, they could ask friends and family members for clothing items. Thrift stores are also a great place to find costumes at a low price.

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