Madonna Fancy Dress Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Pop superstar Madonna, who is often called the "Material Girl," is constantly changing her image. Throughout the years, fans have copied everything about the entertainer, including her hairstyles and outfits. For Madonna fancy dress ideas, you can draw inspiration from the popular entertainer's long-lasting career. She has changed her look with just about every album that she's released throughout the years.

Early Career

During the start of Madonna's early career, she helped define one of the looks of the 1980s. She sported bright colours, lots of lace, leggings, large jewellery and large hair bows. For an early career Madonna fancy dress outfit, pair leggings with a matching colour T-shirt. Wear the T-shirt off one of your shoulders. Wear heavy eye make-up. In your hair, wear a large hair bow. Gather up lots of bracelets to wear on your arms. Get a pair of lace, ruffled gloves and cut the fingers out. Pair the outfit with a matching colour pair of lace, ruffled socks.

Vogue Era

Madonna's trendsetting influences continued during the early 1990s, when she helped popularise the dance craze Vogue. Fold sheets of construction paper into cones, hold it together with tape or glue and place it under your bra to recreate Madonna's cone-bra look. Stuff the cones inside a bustier. Wear the bustier over a pair of trousers with a pair of knee-high boots. Glue tassels to the ends of the bra cups. Pulled your hair back in a single ponytail.

'Like a Virgin'

During the 1984 MTV Music Video Awards, Madonna performed one of her biggest hits "Like a Virgin." For a Madonna fancy dress recreation of her "Like a Virgin" performance, wear a white wedding dress or white prom dress. Pair the wedding dress with white lace gloves. Wear a large, heavy silver chain around your neck. In your hair, wear a large white bow. Wear your hair in long curls, or put on a long curly wig.


For Madonna's "Erotica" album and accompanying tour, she wore lots of leather. Wear a black leather jump suit with matching black high-heel shoes to recreate her look during this era. Pair the outfit with black sunglasses. Wear your hair in tight braids that run to the back of the head. Complete your Madonna "Erotica" fancy dress outfit with a whip.

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