The Most Powerful LED Grow Lights

Written by sean russell
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The Most Powerful LED Grow Lights
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Grow lights, whether used in hydroponics or indoor gardening systems, provide the essential light for plants to achieve photosynthesis. Unlike the sun, which produces an abundance of photons that can be trapped by the plant's chloroplasts, grow lights are limited by the power of their ballasts. LED grow lights trade force for precision and gain power by producing light on exactly the right frequencies to nourish plants.

Illuminator Pro Series Hybrid

Boasting an impressive 350 watts of power, the Illuminator Pro Series Hybrid is designed to get the most out of a hydroponic or indoor system. Using a "Peak Targeting" system and coloured red, blue and orange lights, the lamp produces light in a five-band spectrum. This allows the plants to absorb up to 95 per cent of the light emitted for use in photosynthesis. The result is brighter blooms, larger vegetables and faster growth. According to the manufacturer, Pro Source Worldwide, the absorbable light output of this LED grow light is equivalent to a 1,000 watt non-LED style grow lamp.

Advanced LED Extreme Flower LED

Although many LED lamps are designed to conserve power over halide lamps, some rival them in operating power as well as output. This is true of Advanced LED's Extreme Flower LED lamp. This lamp runs cool to the touch and, emitting 740 watts of power, comes in just under an equivalent 1,000 watt non-LED grow lamp. The Extreme Flower LED produces light on 11 wavelengths, requires no ballast and features 6 foot by 8 foot overall coverage. This lamp includes mounting brackets on the back and features 3 watt LED lights, which produce more light than other LEDs used in growing systems, the manufacturer says.

Advanced LED All Blue Extreme Veg

The All Blue Extreme Veg LED light, also manufactured by Advanced LED, uses both 1 watt and 3 watt LED lights to create an all blue light specifically designed to stimulate growth of green vegetables. This lamp is available in 3 sizes, the largest being 360 watts. Like most LED lamps, the All Blue Extreme Veg runs cool and without the aid of ballasts. This LED light broadcasts in four wavelengths all specially designed to provide the best light environment for vegetative growth. The lamp is cooled by three thermostatically controlled fans and can run for long periods of time without a rest.

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