The Best Light Cotton Tropical Pants

Written by louise harding | 13/05/2017
The Best Light Cotton Tropical Pants
Cottons such as tropic-weight poplin and double gauze make comfortable trousers. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

While vacationing or working in tropical climates, lightweight cotton trousers are a necessity to remain comfortable throughout the duration of your trip. Cotton is a strong fabric that withstands multiple washings, even boiling, and is a breathable fabric that contains some natural stretch. Obtained from the bushy cotton plant, there are four main variations of cotton: Asiatic, American Upland, Sea Island and Egyptian. Tropical climates call for loose cotton trousers, such as drawstring, cargo style or elastic waist designs. For the most comfort choose tropic-weight, bush poplin or double gauze cotton tropical trousers.

Tropic-Weight Cotton Cargo Style Pants

Breathable tropic-weight cotton is ideal for cargo-style trousers for men or women. Cotton absorbs sweat and moisture allowing your skin to remain dry and cool. Tropical climates host a variety of moulds, stinging insects and cause skin irritations such as heat rashes. Cotton trousers that whisk moisture from the skin are essential to good health in tropical environments. Tropic-weight cotton cargo trousers can be machine washed and dried, or hand washed and allowed to drip dry. The Fabrics website says that boiling cotton trousers will not lead to fabric deterioration because cotton can withstand high temperatures. Often sold as a lightweight cotton canvas, tropic-weight cotton is used to construct garments for outdoor recreation.

Bush Poplin Cotton

Poplin is a plain weave cotton that, features a diagonal rib or ridges on the fabric. Historically, poplin has been used to construct tropical-climate military uniforms and safari apparel. Poplin was used for uniforms worn in tropical climates in World War II because of the tight weave of the fabric that resists penetration by stinging insects. The Olive-Drab website, details how poplin was used in uniforms in Vietnam, and how trousers featured drawstrings at the leg hems to keep tropical insects out. Bush poplin is a weave of heavier and softer cotton grades which serves to resist water, to a certain degree, and wrinkles and stains.

Double Gauze Cotton

Double gauze cotton is a double layer of cotton gauze fabric which allows for the cool comfort of lightweight, absorbent and flowing cotton gauze, but provides more fabric density reducing the level of sheerness. Gauze cotton is nearly transparent. Double gauze cotton usually contains a dyed or printed top layer and a solid, lighter bottom layer. Drawstring or elastic waist trousers constructed from double gauze cotton are loose and comfortable.

Double gauze cotton is exceptionally easy to maintain and washes and dries in the washing machine and clothes dryer. Fabric Manufacturers website details many objects made from heavier grade double gauze cotton ranging from curtains, to clothing and diapers.

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