'60s Themed Classroom Ideas

When selecting notice board themes and classroom decorations, some teachers turn toward seasonal or holiday decorations that mark the passage of the school year. Knowledge-based classroom themes simulate an immersion experience that reinforces learning once lessons are over. Select a 1960s classroom theme for both classroom learning and notice board decorations that can be incorporated into history, social studies and science lessons.

Politics & War

A1960s-themed classroom must teach about the drastic changes that took place across the U.S. throughout the decade. The decade included John F. Kennedy's presidency, the Cuban missile crisis and his assassination. Create displays on the Civil Rights Movement with images of freedom rides, anti-segregation protests, and the Black Panther Party, while highlighting significant figures such as Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and his assassination. Explore political changes brought on by the Vietnam War by noting the reinstatement of the draft system, budget and death toll statistics, and the slow loss of public support for the conflict in the face of anti-war protests.

Youth Culture

Study the evolutionary social shifts that took place in the radically changing 1960s with a theme of the youth culture of the decade. Beyond protests for civil rights and against the war, student activists took up other causes such as women's rights through the feminist movement. Note the impact of the nation's youth speaking out in opposition of their parents' beliefs in notice boards incorporating information on the post-World War II baby boom. It is this population phenomenon that gave teens during the 1960s the numbers needed to make their voices heard. Not all of the nation's youth were committed to political protests. Lessons and displays about hippie culture can mention communes, hitchhiking, Woodstock, and the phenomenon of teens leaving home and moving to places such as Haight Ashbury in San Francisco.

Science & Space Exploration

Great strides were made in the 1960s in the fields of science and space exploration. Often referred to as The Space Race, the 1960s saw the U.S. competing against the U.S.S.R. to launch a man into space. Discussion on this competition should note achievements on both sides, such as Russia's first cosmonaut to orbit the Earth and the United States' first moon landing. Create notice boards devoted to other aspects of 1960s science by displaying images demonstrating advances such as the introduction of the pacemaker and the breathalyzer. Connect science and entertainment with discussions of revolutionary technological inventions such as the 8-track, cassette tape and portable radios.

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