Champion Trike Kits Specs

Written by christopher rogers | 13/05/2017
Champion Trike Kits Specs
Champion manufactures a variety of custom trike kits. (trike image by TA Craft Photography from

Champion Trikes of Garden Grove, California, began producing motorcycle accessories in 1990. Building on the success of their popular Escort sidecar and Colorado Sport Trailer, in 2000 Champion introduced custom trike kits. As of 2010, the company offers 13 different custom trikes based on Harley-Davidson, Honda and Yamaha motorcycle models.

Available Models

Champion's 2010 catalogue includes trike kits for multiple models of Harley-Davidson, Honda and Yamaha motorcycles. Harley-Davidson trike kits are available for FL, Dyna Wide Glide, Sportster and Softail motorcycle models. Besides Honda GL 1500 and 1800 trike conversions, Champion also produces trikes for Honda's VTX 1300 and 1800 models.

Standard Features

Standard features on all Champion kits include reinforced fibreglass body panels, tail signal lights, a custom exhaust system and high performance disc brakes. Harley-Davidson models also include an easy-install rear-end. Honda conversions gain a lightweight differential assembly that reduces weight and a custom suspension system for improved handling.


Optional accessories include a colour-matched polyurethane paint job with pin striping, a custom lighting package, carpeted boot and a trailer hitch. A reverse gear is available for 1984 to 2002 Harley-Davidson Evolutions.


Harley-Davidson kits are 56-inches wide by 92-inches long and weigh 281kg. Honda kits are 57-inches by 102-inches long and 290kg. Both types of kits sit on a 53-inch wheelbase. Harley conversions add 3.75 cubic feet of storage and two full-face helmets, while Honda kits gain 6.75 cubic feet of storage and three helmets.

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