Birthday Gift Ideas for My Wife, Who Is 35

Updated July 20, 2017

Women have unique personalities, and will have different interests and tastes when it comes to gifts. Someone who values health and fitness will likely appreciate a gift that helps her take care of her body, while someone who thrives on creativity might respond well to an artistic gift. Giving a gift to a woman that matches her interests and personality will show her that you care for her and understand her.

Creative Gifts for Women

If your wife loves interior decorating, practices art, or is a creative thinker, she will appreciate a creative gift. A vintage camera, candles that create shadow art on the wall, or a scrapbook might suit her creative flair. Decorated clocks, picture frames or pillows are also great gift ideas, whether you buy them or make them yourself. Find out the type and brand of tools your wife uses to create her art, and get her an artist's tool kit with fresh supplies. Alternatively, appeal to your wife's sense of humour by finding an amusing gift in a novelty store.

Fitness and Health Gifts for Women

If your wife enjoys working out, eating healthy and taking care of herself, she will appreciate gifts that she can use to enhance her lifestyle. Buy her new workout clothing and accessories such as yoga trousers, wristbands or a pair of running shoes. For healthy eating, get her an appliance like a vegetable steamer or a juicer. Instead of getting her a bouquet of flowers, choose a fresh fruit basket or a gift token to her favourite spa, at which she can indulge her body.

Romantic Gifts for Women

If your wife loves romance more than anything else, give her a gift that reveals your romantic side. Choose from the wide variety of romantic gifts available to find something that best suits her. If she enjoys clothing or looking great, get her new satin pyjamas or lingerie. If she enjoys being pampered, try scented candles, or massage oils and a massage by you. Personalise your gift to add sentiment, such as inscribing a piece of jewellery with a special message for her. If you simply want to take your wife out for a nice dinner on her birthday, rent a limo instead of driving.

Gifts for Homemakers

Some women live to host guests, do household improvements, maintain the home and take care of their families. In cases like this, find interesting gifts for your wife to use at home. Festive backyard torches, different shapes of cookie cutters, home decorations and kitchen gadgets are some of the many possible gifts.

Gifts for Mothers

If your wife is also a proud mother, buy her a gift that celebrates motherhood and helps her balance a demanding schedule. Special jewellery with a family theme, such as a mother with her child, might make her happy. If you wife is on her feet all day with young children, get her an automatic massaging foot spa. If your wife is always on the go and never seems to have time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, get her an insulated container for warm drinks.

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