I'm Turning 24: Birthday Ideas in Los Angeles for Me

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 24 can be exciting if you have a chance to spend it in a city like Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a very large and diverse city and is home to great restaurants and bars, numerous celebrities and beautiful beaches. Whether you want to spend your 24th birthday dancing at a club or shopping, there are plenty of options to choose from in Los Angeles.

Clubs and Bars

Los Angeles has a great nightlife. Whether you like dance clubs, karaoke bars, comedy bars or breweries, your 24th birthday will be limitless in Los Angeles. After you have finished eating your birthday dinner, go dancing at one of the clubs with your friends. If you prefer to go somewhere quieter, go to a corner pub. The drinks will be less expensive than they are in clubs and you can have a conversation with your friends without being distracted by loud music.

Sports Game

Los Angeles is home to professional basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey teams. If you enjoy watching sports, catching a baseball game or a basketball game is a great way to spend your birthday with your friends. Enjoy eating a hot dog and a bag of chips while cheering your team on.

Shopping at Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive, a well-known street in Los Angeles, has plenty of stores for high-end shopping on your 24th birthday. Plan to have a light lunch before you head off for your shopping adventure, so you will have plenty of energy to see all the stores.

Fun at the Ocean

Los Angeles has miles of beaches along the Pacific Coast. If you enjoy sunbathing and catching some waves in the ocean, spending your 24th birthday at one of the many beaches in Los Angeles will make for a fun birthday celebration. You can pack a picnic lunch to share with all of your friends or eat at one of the restaurants along the beach. Another exciting activity to do at the beach is to whale watch. The California Coast sees the annual migration of blue whales, humpback whales, grey whales and even dolphins. You can see one of these natural species up close by taking a whale watching boat from one of the harbours in Los Angeles.

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