Birthday Gift Ideas for an 80-Year-Old Man

Updated June 19, 2017

It may seem daunting to find gifts for the elderly, but the best way to decide on a gift is to consider the very special needs of elderly men. The elderly man usually desires health, happiness,and self-sufficiency. Helpful, useful, and whimsical gifts can fulfil these desires.


A reacher or grabber is a very popular and useful gift for elderly men. This plastic tool has a long arm that can reach and grab an item out of reach by using two pinching claws. These inexpensive grabbers are extremely useful for any elderly person with limited mobility. They are easy to find at large box stores and medical supply stores.


More than gift items perhaps, the elderly need help around the house. Offering help, for an afternoon or a week, on either specific projects or general house maintenance, may be very welcome. Tasks like cleaning out gutters are often insurmountable to the elderly or infirm. In a related gift idea, you might consider outfitting your senior friend's home with features like shower safety bars.


Gifts that hearken back to youth can be a very touching gesture. Foods like toffee and caramel corn are just two examples of old-fashioned candies your elderly gift-recipient might enjoy. Old fashioned toys can also take your gift-recipient on a trip down memory lane. Look for old playing cards, wooden toys, or old sports trading cards. If these nostalgic gifts trigger memories, encourage your elderly friend to share them with you and other loved ones.


Elderly men may have some major health concerns, so gifts that promote health are very thoughtful. One gift that is often overlooked as a health promoter is the simple back scratcher. As we age, our flexibility declines. For anyone who has had that spot they just couldn't reach, they know that a backscratcher is a great gift, especially for someone with less flexibility. Don't overlook healthful gifts that are specific to any personal conditions. If your elderly uncle has diabetes, consider buying some necessary diabetic supplies, as an investment in his healthy future.

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